The RC Minkovka, a retreat center of Diamond Way Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, was established and designed for individual and group retreats on Buddhist practices, as well as for summer courses.

This place is unique to Ukraine – according to Lama Ole’s wish, for many years we have been actively developing it so that whoever practices Diamond Way could have a chance for regular meetings, intense meditations and recognition of one’s mind.

"We just have to remind ourselves that the source for any happiness is the mind itself. Just keep practicing - and joy will come on its own"

Lama Ole Nydahl

Minkovka Space

Minkovka Space is our vision of the retreat center’s future and an active project at the same time. We have a plan to create a large space for meditation and communication, where we could comfortably accommodate up to 150 people during both summer and winter times. This means construction of a new buildings complex, which includes a 100 square meters gompa, a large dining hall, rooms for residents and guests, a sleeping hall, a children room, a library, shower and toilets block, and a spacious lobby.

We are sincerely thankful to everyone who participates in the development of this place. We really value any help, be it tools, construction materials, money, or helping on the construction site. Your support will bring happiness to everyone!



• In 2009 the RC welcomed Gyalwa Karmapa XVII Thaye Dorje »
• In 2011 the RC welcomed Lama Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche »
• Almost every year there are courses with Lama Ole Nydahl at the RC »
• The RC is capable of hosting more than 2,500 people during a summer course
• During the year several individual and group retreats take place at the RC »
• Every year there is a construction season to improve accommodation conditions »
• The RC territory has considerably expanded within the eight years
• The retreat house has been built »
• “Milarepa CLUB” has been created »
• We have become a real RC Minkovka sangha!


Milarepa’s example is our source of inspiration: during two construction seasons we performed a lot of work to make the conditions for staying and meditation as comfortable as possible; we installed an electricity supply, sewage system, drilled an artesian well, built up showers and toilets. We also made a number of other things, unremarkable but necessary for successful practice.

Nowadays, the RC Minkovka is a friendly family group and a lovely place with positive energy, infrastructure designed for big courses and the land of almost 7 hectares which includes a gompa for big courses (for 2000 people in summertime), a summer gompa (for 120 people in summertime), three houses, one of which is Karmapa’s House – equipped for individual retreats.



Our plans for the future are as follows:
Reconstructing the White House for winter accommodation
Landscaping the area around the retreat house.
Building a big, beyond seasonal gompa
Building a cafeteria/coffee shop.

We are sincerely grateful for everybody’s participation in the development of this place, and really appreciate all kinds of help, such as workhands, tools, building materials or funds. Your support will bring happiness to everybody!

"All actions that are motivated by genuine love and compassion are inevitably going to result in virtuous actions"

Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche

Buddhist Meditation


What is a retreat?

Retreat – is a period of personal or group solitude at the calm, specially equipped place for meditations, spiritual and psychological work on oneself.

Meditation retreat could be open or closed, singles, paired or grouped.

The most effective way in which retreats occur – when there is a clear goal, a teacher’s support, a certain provision and a schedule of the day, which makes it possible to abstract as much as possible from everyday life and deepen the meditative experience.


You can take part in a meditation course, group or individual retreat under the guidance of the Lama or any of the Diamond Way teachers.

"If we understand that our thoughts, words, and actions sow the seeds of future experience, then the power to change our lives is in our own hands"

Lama Ole Nydahl


"Everything will be settled naturally... May we all meditate together for the benefit of all beings, bound together by loving kindness and compassion"

Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje


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